Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Help Of A Life Wizard! In MB!

Wizards This is Miguel IceBlade and today we are going to be talking about my life in wizard101 the passed 5 days and news!

The person you see before you you is the Level 60 Life Wizard Tara Mythcrafter
Twitter Name:@tipadaknife
This Amazing Women always loves to help me with my Job but The job she help me to do last night is to defect Pops O'leary with her help it did not take more then 3 mins!
And Some of you may no this women from her blog: West Karana
But She is great she helps me out with so much but that is all I have to say about her for now now on to some Other Wizard101 NEWS!

YES I have got to level 33 ice wizard101 and I have just picked up my new ice card I am so happy but now that I am level 33 I have way more jobs in MB but whatever! I can get them done with when my friends are by my side but I also can't wait to make it to mooshu!

In The words of: statesman.com

KingsIsle's hit game, Wizard101, reaches 15 million users
By Brian Gaar 
The popular Austin-developed online game Wizard101 has reached 15 million registered users and KingsIsle Entertainment officials say they’re planning on hiring more staff.
Officials for the Plano-based company say they’ll increase staffing by about 25 percent in 2011. The majority of those hires will work in Austin, a company spokesman said. (Most of the company’s 135 employees work locally, in a studio at the Domain development.)
According to its website, KingsIsle is currently hiring for more than a dozen positions, including game producers, artists and engineers.
The Harry Potteresque game continues to be a huge draw.
Web traffic analysis service Compete.com estimates that Wizard101.com had more than 4.8 million unique visitors in December. By comparison, “World of Warcraft” drew an estimated 1.4 million the same month.
For more information on KingsIsle and Wizard101, check out my recent Tech Monday profile of the company.
 Well guys That is all the News I have for this week I no it was not the best news But every 5 days I try to put something good down so see you on the 30th! 


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