Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Help Of A Life Wizard! In MB!

Wizards This is Miguel IceBlade and today we are going to be talking about my life in wizard101 the passed 5 days and news!

The person you see before you you is the Level 60 Life Wizard Tara Mythcrafter
Twitter Name:@tipadaknife
This Amazing Women always loves to help me with my Job but The job she help me to do last night is to defect Pops O'leary with her help it did not take more then 3 mins!
And Some of you may no this women from her blog: West Karana
But She is great she helps me out with so much but that is all I have to say about her for now now on to some Other Wizard101 NEWS!

YES I have got to level 33 ice wizard101 and I have just picked up my new ice card I am so happy but now that I am level 33 I have way more jobs in MB but whatever! I can get them done with when my friends are by my side but I also can't wait to make it to mooshu!

In The words of: statesman.com

KingsIsle's hit game, Wizard101, reaches 15 million users
By Brian Gaar 
The popular Austin-developed online game Wizard101 has reached 15 million registered users and KingsIsle Entertainment officials say they’re planning on hiring more staff.
Officials for the Plano-based company say they’ll increase staffing by about 25 percent in 2011. The majority of those hires will work in Austin, a company spokesman said. (Most of the company’s 135 employees work locally, in a studio at the Domain development.)
According to its website, KingsIsle is currently hiring for more than a dozen positions, including game producers, artists and engineers.
The Harry Potteresque game continues to be a huge draw.
Web traffic analysis service Compete.com estimates that Wizard101.com had more than 4.8 million unique visitors in December. By comparison, “World of Warcraft” drew an estimated 1.4 million the same month.
For more information on KingsIsle and Wizard101, check out my recent Tech Monday profile of the company.
 Well guys That is all the News I have for this week I no it was not the best news But every 5 days I try to put something good down so see you on the 30th! 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meeting Shelby SilverBreeze! FUN!

Hi wizard,

The photos you see befor you are some of me and one of my best new friends on wizard101! As you can see she is also a ice wizard she is great me and her are at the same level at the time 30 I am almost 31 now but yea. When I was staying home sick we met  and she was doing the same job. I had to do so we became friends and did guys together now me and her are done with that village it was pretty fun. Oh and I met this other fun dude name Patrick I do not have no photos of me and him. But I will take some and upload then to twitpic.But yea you guys should go around and do some jobs or maybe just do some farming and you never no you may meet a new friend that you will be doing all the jobs with you never no!

  And i also got to try a other mount for 1 day it was pretty nice but I can't see myself spend crowns for that.But maybe you can maybe if you a death wizard or something =]

Also before I go guys I also spend 20 crown on my first henchmen on Wednesday  it helped me alot in this one MB boss I had to defect it was a ice wizard one I am planing on getting some more crown and just keeping them and using them for henchmen when iIneed them they go as high has level 60 which is pretty cool also!

So Bye! Guys I hope we have a snow day on Friday for all the kids in Syracuse!

Some gardening twitpics:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Graden is BEAST!

Hey wizard,
I don't no if I ever showed you my garden but if not here it is I am rank 6 gardener and I love gardening on wizard101 it is fun I just planted some new things as you can see befor I Toke this pic you had to see  it was really bad I was not on wizard101 for 2 day or twitter because I had to do some thing but now I am back yayyy!
But now I have some other new here is a new party that going on today for all info go down and read!
In the word of  legoboy3 ( wizard101 central username):

I am hosting a party at my Massive Fantasy Palace! Anyone is welcome!

The party will be Saturday, January 15. The party will start at 4 p.m. EST.

Pickup will be in front of Dragon's Mouth Cave in Golem Court in the realm Sunbird. Andrew ShadowBlade, lvl 51 fire caster, or Trevor DeathCaster, lvl 51 death caster, will come to pick people up about every 20 minutes during the party so people who are late can still attend. The first pickup will be 3:30 - 3:55 p.m. EST, the last pickup will be after the dueling competition and all pickups will last about 10 minutes.

Dont go into every duel, give other people a chance.

There will be a dueling competition for treasure card prizes!
(forfeiting will be an automatic lose for your team)
The competition will start at 6 p.m. EST.

Round 1 will consist of lvl 1-39 wizards.
Round 2 will consist of lvl 40-60 wizards.

If you want to enter the competition tell me DURING PICKUP.
Tell me your name, your lvl, what type of battle you want to be in and a secondary battle choice.
There are only 20 spots open for each round, first come first serve.

Update: If i do not get enough wizards for the competition, there may only be one or two duels in each round. (not to disappoint you)

Staff at my party know where everything is, so if you get lost or want to know where something is or when something is, here is a list of staff to ask:

>Andrew ShadowBlade
>Trevor DeathCaster
>Cassandra SunRunner
>Lenora FireStalker
>Jesse ShadowWalker
>Evan DeathFlame
And More...

All 4 crafting tables will be out so all people attending the party can use them.

<If you have any further questions be sure to post on this thread.>

Monday, January 10, 2011

New stuff haha!

Hello wizards,

I want to tell you about some new stuff I got on sunday.
First off I was playing some games on http://www.kifreegames.com/ to get some coins for these shoes I want but instant of geting money I got this cool try out mount for 7 days check it out oh and check out my new outfit.
So that is all of the new stuff I got but I want to talk about the contest I had well when the winner tweeted me. He was like so I will I be getting this pet and I said well with trade of course. And then he told me you can't trade pets only cards and like the noob I am I did not no this. Because I never needed to do trade so yea I was pretty mad because I had the pet ready for him and everything. But then I was talking to him and I was asking him if he would like me to send him 10 bucks in the mail so he can but a gift card to make up for the pet and get gets some coins out of it but he said no. But I he did not need it or something I really if not mind I could of went to gamestop and buyed him one but I could not get there anytime soon.

This is the gift card I was planing on buys don't no why I am showing you this but I just feel like doing it lol.
But that is all the news for now so.... 
BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] OH I AM LEVEL 29 NOW!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winner of The Frozen Notebook Pet Contest!

Hello guys the photo you see now is the pet the winner is going to be getting or should I say that Robert DragonHeart Yup he is the winner of the pet contest I will be contacting him so I can give him this pet Robert DragonHeart I hope you enjoy the pet I have 1 of them to so I been enjoying mine so yea guys that is all and I hope you have a great day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Miguel IceBlade now on Facebook?

Hey guys well as you can see by the name of this blog post that. I have made a facebook for my wizard so now I can chat with all my wizard friend and do other things on here!

I always have had a facebook but that is for my personal life so I really did not want to use that one for wizard101 so yea if you want to go check it out click HERE!

So yea just want to tell you that and that if you saw one of my twitter tweets you would no that I can' do that house video on youtube. Because my Hypecam is not working right at the time but I will try to still do it so if I do don't worry i will post that up on here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yayyy no more Krokosphinx

Hello wizards,

I got more news well on Monday I got done with all the jobs on the Krokosphinx  so that is good news oh and I have level up to 25 so I am very happy haha and I am almost on level 26.

and let me tell you one more thing! I hated doing the jobs in the Krokosphinx because I had to fight so much ice monsters and because I am part of the ice school my ice spell did not do anything to them so I did not like that very more but because I am done with that now it will be much easier to do the jobs in the Storm tomb.

 So yea guys that is all the news I have for now oh and I am going to be doing a new youtube video soon showing my wizard101 house and more things so yea i will even do it today or on Wednesday!

So have a nice evening  and bye for now wizards!!!

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